Gorilla Doors Our fire-rated doors are new and better than anything on the market because we have developed a better door through  science.  Our doors will delay the spread of fire and smoke just like any other door manufacturer – but we can do so at less cost to you than anyone else.

Our Finished Doors are ready for residential or commercial installation throughout the world and can be purchased through our authorized Gorilla Products Distributors.

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Efficient Manufacturing The extrusion of the composite material into sheets allows the company to form stable fire resistant “boards” that can be handled like sheets of plywood. These sheets are cut to the proper dimensions, assembled into the various door sizes or molding sizes using high speed commercial equipment found in factories all over the world. The assembly process is a proven technology and is used by most of the factories that supply Ikea and other well known furniture suppliers.Read more

Gorilla Moldings In addition to our fire-rated Gorilla Doors, Gorilla Products produces a range of molding products using the same manufacturing equipment and technique used in our door production.Read more

Gorilla Product’s News GORILLA PRODUCTS is fast becoming one of the most innovative manufacturers of fire-rated door cores in the industry. We utilize state-of-the-art machinery and automated processing lines to build our products. Keep updated on the latest product and company news and information.Read more

G-CoreGorilla Products has developed a new insulating material that outperforms the well-known existing product because it is both stronger and more resistant to heat transfer making it the ideal choice for several industrial applications.Read more

Gorilla ProductsIs a new company that develops fire-resistant building products using science and technology to create a better and more durable product compared to what exists in the market today.  Moreover, we utilize advanced manufacturing techniques which allows us to pass on those savings to the customerRead more

Gorilla Products News

  • City of Lamar, MO Support

    Gorilla Products Gains Support of Lamar, Missouri City Officials City Officials’ Due Diligence Validates CEO Evan R. Daniels’ Business Track Record LAMAR, Mo. The City of Lamar has been actively engaged with Mr. Daniels and other Gorilla Product’s executives since 2009 to locate the company’s new manufacturing headquarters in Lamar, a move that could result in the creation of up to 295...